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warning! may contain peanuts and/or other nuts

and you can find me in the spring
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Warning! This Journal may contain:

-Peanuts and/or other nut products
-Bitching about breasts/moobs/student politics/real politics/life
-School stuff
-Copious pictures
-Extreme nerdery
-Thoughts on gender
-The name Cameron
- Oh! And dorkery. Which is different than nerdery.
(breathe), 13 orders of fries, absinthe, alan rickman, anime, arrogant bastard shoes, arrogant worms, avenue q, batman, being a general nerd, being a loser, being barefoot, being clever, being under the beds, being upside down, bigender, black and white stripes, blue, books, bowler hats, boys in eyeliner, boys in skirts, broken headphones, cabaret, canadian sex party, cheese, chopsticks, circles, comics, confectionary presevation, continuum transfunctioner, creativity, csm is a douche, dancing barefoot, danny elfman, dark traumatizing daisuke, disco bandits, dumb like stick, elevator cuddles, evil walnuts, eyelashes, fandom wank, fanfiction, films, forbidden romance, freaky music, frulie, garters, genderfuck, great big sea, halloween, hands, head cases, headphones that actually function, hitchhiker's guide, homoerotic subtext, hugh laurie in drag, hugo weaving in drag, i am that objective, insane lesbian vigilantes, intellect, interesting lyrics, john mann, just some guy, karl ruprect kroenen, killing canon, kingdom of loathing, kissing, leather couches, lesbian, libraries, lipstick marks on windows, lit nerdship, love, loving each other, making everything about sex, making silly faces, mandragora soup, margaret cho, mike mccormick's guitar, more cowbell, muppets, my chair, my root, noses, not being dead, not being serious, not cleaning my room, oscar wilde, over sleeping, p.g. wodehouse, page 394, painting everything green, passion, peach sparkling water beverage, pink and blue, pipecleaner, plaid pants, poetry, poking bruises, pretty boys in glasses, pretty gay boys, pretty gay girls, pretty girls, pretty knickers, quoting, repent sinner, rocky horror, sarek, scary lamps, sci-fi in all forms, scissors, sexy librarian glasses, shakespeare, slash, slayers, snow, soupy twist, star trek, star wars, stephen fry, striped leggings, striped scarves, superdickery.com, sushi, sweatervests, taking upside down pictures, tall boots, tape, tea earl grey hot, tea from jars, the fishy umbrellas, the need to express, theatre production, top hats, touch, truth! it's out there, used bookstores, visits to you, vocabulary, we are the interest, wearing too many necklaces, webbed hands, where is the lid, wit, world domination through fanfic, writing on myself, x-files, your root,