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election night jitters

This is the most terrifying election ever.

I mean, I was afraid during the last federal election, refreshing the Elections Canada website to see who was winning what. Watching the Conservatives slowly rise to power.

But that was, what, five years ago? Four?

I was scared then. I am petrified now. I can't even bring myself to look up the current results. I don't want to. I don't want to know until it's over. Quick. Liek removing a bandaide.

I wish I wasn't so far away and alone. I want to be at home, on my bed with the people I love, ignoring that there is an election until tomorrow morning.

Come on, universe, why do you have to be like this?

Apr. 23rd, 2011

Today is The Day.

Updates as they come.

how to get a Cam to vote for you

Have an awesome 'It Gets Better' video? Yes. The Liberals video is alright, didn't quite warm my heart in the same way. The Conservatives don't seem to have one (not that I can find any how) but is anyone surprised? (possibly a good call on their part, it's bad PR to tell gay teens to kill themselves, I think)

I mean, yeah, platforms and all are important, and they mostly have good points, so I'm looking at lesser things to swing me in the direction that's right for me. Or something.

Or maybe I just wanted to share the NDP It Gets Better video. That's for me to know and you to not care about.


Dear Election

I don't think that anyone has all the answers. The world is difficult and just when you think things are getting better, something shitty will happen. But I can't help but think that change would be good. Refreshing. I look to this election with mingled hope and fear (just like last time!) and try not to hold my breath.

I love my country. I want to at least like my government. I want to be proud of us.

So. Vote!
oh my goodness it's been forever since I updated this.

I wish I could say that I had a good excuse.

but my excuse is school and practicums and having nothing to say except stuff I can't talk about yet. it's not ready and neither am I.

so. um. I'm still still alive. I'm still still in Kamloops.

I'm still still nervous and excited.

this is my life. it is lame.
still still alive.

current practicum has me working six days a week. I am learning tons but i am also exhausted. my next day off I perform a wedding. Day off after that I'm on a bus back up. Sigh.

but alive, me, yes.

Feb. 25th, 2011

Dear People I Love,

Please stop being hospitalized. I am too far away to be even remotely useful.



I just heard someone cough below me. And it has just occurred to me that other people live in this building.

I know that sounds stupid, but, seriously, I see so few people on my way in and out. I know it's unlikely, but when I leave in the morning and the whole building is quiet and empty looking, I have a hard time believing that there are bodies in all the rooms.

But someone is coughing in the room below me, in 325. The cough sounds male, and yes, I can tell, what of it? There is a boy downstairs in 325 room 1. There is someone else in this building and they might be asleep, but they're there. That's what counts right?


who wears a waistcoat and apron to clean their room?

this guy! woooo.


status: living

I'm alive!

I'm sorry. I came home to do my practicum and between working all the time and sleeping the rest of the time (seriously, I go to bed at 930 and wake up at 730. leave the house at 8 and get home at 7. that was my liiiife) and here I am, two days from going back up to the loops.

Life is good! It was be good(er) in the future. I am a ball of angst and worry, but that is apparantly genetic and there is nothing I can do about that.

And... that's all I've got. sorry I'm so lame.


in my dreams i can fly
and you can find me in the spring
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